Saturday, October 19, 2013

Friday Beasts

A dear friend of mine, Angel is allergic to alcohol. Yes, for many, including myself, that has got to be the worst kind of allergy to have. I can't imagine going through life without a little help from our favorite enablers. Well, in her case, it's survival so she needed to find another channel or vice.

And that's how her love affair with food began.

Yes, that tiny frame of hers houses unimaginable amount of food particles. Like the Bermuda Triangle, it will remain a mystery as to how she manages to keep her weight at bay. This girl is the walking yelp and zagat combined. She knows where the best places to eat are. From hole-in-the-walls, mom and pops, food trucks to swanky dining areas around the 5 boroughs of New York, she is the best person to ask about where to eat.

So, this Friday, she invited me and our other friend, Wesley, to check out Stanton Social and the Lower East Side.

Stanton Social as a collaboration of one of NY's hottest team of restaurant creators, Celebrity Chef/Owner, Chris Santos, TAO and LAVO owner Richard Wolf, and Peter Kane of Happy Endings worked with the James Beard award winning design team at AvroKo in 2005 to create this "jewel" of a restaurant, conjouring up their favorite dishes and by paying homage to LES garment industry part with innovative design.

They say that a lot of celebrities go to dine there but this Friday, I think we scared them (Asians with cameras).

Now, about the food, oh glorious food. I am not a foodie. I do not know the fancy names of food and pretty much live off the basics--rice, chicken, beef and pork (and vegetables too, in case my mom is reading this). However, I have impeccable taste buds that appreciate food beyond bacon.

Potato & goat cheese pierogies - caramelized onions, truffle creme fraiche that go straight to the thighs but oh so damn worth it... We shamefully ordered for a second set.

Tuna poke wanton taco - crispy wanton, avocado, fresno chili. To give you perspective, this has got to be the best tasting tacos that I have ever had. They put Taco Bell's to shame! I know, why am I even comparing them. Taco Bell is perfect hangover food though.

This, my friends is the FINEST Onion dumpling soup in the planet. I have no words to describe this masterpiece.

They might look like your regular White Castle sliders, so don't be fooled! These are fine Kobe beef burgers.

This image can actually speak for itself.

Always leave room for dessert. Donuts!

Artsy Stanton Social.

Yup, we forgot to take a group photo with the food because once they arrived, all we could do was quickly take individual shots of it and chow. It's actually amazing how we even managed to not take a bite as soon as they were served.

I am actually very glad to have friends who are big foodies. Being in NY, it is a sin not to explore the many gastronomic delights because the city is just full of good eats! We're planning another food trip soon and though my diet won't appreciate it, my adventurous spirit will.

P.S. After dinner and dessert, we went to Il Laboratorio for awesome gelatos. Double dessert? Life's too short, keep it sweet.

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