Saturday, October 26, 2013

How to keep your ten fingers while carving a pumpkin

This post is brought to you by, the official life hacker of Miles Montecillo. Thank goodness for youtube. It is where I learned how to crush a garlic, chop an onion, put makeup on and now, carve a pumpkin.

I am a very visual person so instruction manuals do not work for me so, I am glad that everything I need to know about life can be found in Youtube.

I honestly do not know why I chose this dude, Jack's show to guide us in our pumpkin carving activity. The over-sized jersey and flipped cap don't not scream credibility. But hey, he got my attention and we ended up with a good pumpkin!

A week ago, we went pumpkin picking. It was such a challenge to find the perfect, round pumpkin mainly because everyone else at the farm had the same objective. We're pretty happy with the one that we ended up with, it's round, big and bright. A perfect first pumpkin for pumpkin carving first-timers.

So, according to the youtube clip that we watched, we had to already draw our design on the pumpkin. Most people put faces on theirs but us? Nah. Too mainstream. Instead, we carved out 'Foo,' our term of endearment for each other.

Normal couples, because they love each other so much, agree on a sweet term of endearment. For instance:

"Honey," because sweet honey reminds you of sweet thoughts of your loved one. Or:

"Baby," because they are such sweet, innocent, adorable angels. But us? Nope. We look at each other and we see:

"Foo." Yes, a Mr. T original. Don't even ask how it began, it can't be explained.

Anyway, back to pumpkin carving. So, we needed to also carve out a hole at the bottom of the pumpkin to clean it up. I was so amazed to see the inside of the pumpkin, filled with seeds and orange goodness! I've never seen one before so it was a 'caveman with a computer moment' for me.

That actually looks like my hair in the morning. Move over, Diana Ross!
It was quite tiring to clean up the pumpkin. We chose a really big one. Perhaps next year, we will be less ambitious and get the small, cute ones. Well, it was either really tough to clean it up or I am horribly out of shape. I think the former is more accurate.

It was my bright idea to put tiny bats on the sides of the pumpkin. Note to self: tiny drawings are challenging to carve.
Carving it was really, really fun. A bit tough at first because we were rookies at this activity and we wanted to make our first pumpkin perfect.

The secret to keeping your fingers intact during pumpkin carving? Don't drink wine. I know, you can see those glasses in the pictures. They are enablers and, a little too much can cost you a finger... Or two.

It probably took us an hour and a half to complete our masterpiece. We're very proud of the finished product: Pumpkin Foo! Happy Halloween, everyone! :)

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