Monday, January 26, 2015

Smile Makeover? Is it for me?

I've been conscious about my teeth for as long as I can remember.

It all began at a family reunion. I have an uncle who has a penchant for capturing moments and true enough, he was present with his handy cam (see, this was way back in 1998 and big, boxy video cameras with V8 tapes were the trendiest gadget on the block!)

A week after the reunion, we all sat down in the living room to watch his film and there was a short "interview" of me there. He then pointed out, "Hey, you have something in between your teeth!"

Embarrassed, I quickly looked closer at the television. No, there was nothing in between my teeth. The horrible truth was, in certain angles and lighting, since my two front teeth were a little inward pointing, it looked like:

a.) I have something stuck between them
b.) I don't have them at all!

And that's when I decided there was no way I will allow myself to be photographed with my teeth showing (yes, I was on this trend waaaaay beyond Victoria Beckham and no, it's not because I have a commitment with the fashion community. Extra: Watch this video to find out why VB does not smile.)



2014 - One of our engagement photos... And I'm not even smiling like I mean it!

Though, I am thankful that Victoria B. made smiling without showing teeth popular. She instantly became my style icon. In fact, I even got a bob cut just because. No kidding, here's proof.

My fiancé knows about this insecurity of mine and he thinks I'm beautiful even with my flaws (that's why I love him!) He asked me to try to smile with my teeth showing on our wedding day ---- Just thinking about this makes me nervous because I want to look my best on our big day and my smile isn't exactly something that I am comfortable with!

I tried taking selfies with my teeth showing (as practice) but I'm not satisfied with how it registered so, I'm working on getting this fixed before our wedding. I have  6 more months to go! Is this even possible? Will update you guys on the makeover soon!

Are there any other bride-to-bes out there doing the same? What is your pre-wedding makeover plan?
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