Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Proposal

Palawan may be the top island in the world right now but my heart belongs to Boracay. Ever since I first walked on its white, sandy beach and swam in its clear, blue, calm water back in 1998, I was hooked.

When I was living in the Philippines, my friends and I took advantage of the affordable flights and long weekends by booking trips to this magical island. I'm glad I did that because now that I live in NY, I have those memories to keep me warm especially on long, cold winter nights.

Brian knows about my fascination with Boracay. He has seen thousands of photos of it, and admittedly, knows my "Boracay-is-such-a-magical-island-with-water-so-blue-you-can-see-to-the-bottom" spiel by heart.

In fact, when I moved in with him, one of the first things I did was hang a photo that I took of Boracay on our bedroom wall as a reminder of my happy place. Yes, I love Boracay THAT MUCH.

So, when Brian and I were preparing our first trip together to the Philippines, I made sure that we squeeze in a 2-night mini-vacay in my favorite island, so he can experience first hand what I have been raving about.

Little did I know Brian had bigger plans.

We went to Boracay with one of my bestest friends in the world, Lhen. I've already planned out the activities for the short trip and on the first night, I just wanted to relax in shorts and a tee, buy fresh seafood from the market (freshly caught!), have them cooked and overindulge by the beach --- an activity that I want Brian to experience as it is something that my friends and I enjoyed on our numerous trips.

"Oh no, not tonight dear," responded Lhen.

"We're going to a nice restaurant with a view. It's something different, something we've never done before. We need to try new things! So, dress nicely and we will go in time to catch the sunset." Explained Lhen.

While my mind was already made for seafood, beer and shorts, and was a tad disappointed about my dinner proposal being vetoed, I agreed. I'm always up for experiencing new things anyway. So, I slipped on a nice skirt and top and off we went to the breathtaking Asya Premier, Boracay.

Now, I have visited Boracay approximately 20 times, but have been going to the same places over and over again. Thank goodness Lhen talked me into trying something new, the place is STUNNING.

While I was busy soaking up the new experience, I didn't even notice Lhen walking away from us.

A pool with a view -- Asya Premier is definitely a spot for romance!

Brian then proceeded to the reception area and casually said, "THE reservation." Apparently, "THE reservation" (emphasis on "THE") was the internal code for --- The-surprise-engagement-reservation. Kudos to the team of Asya Premier for not ruining the surprise! (a little more about this after the proposal story). 

We were then led to a cliff that had a nice formal dinner set-up, overlooking the world-famous Boracay sunset.

At that point, my heart was already skipping like a kangaroo on drugs.

Every time he would push back his chair or fix it, I would internally freak out.

This happened about 5 times. Until he finally got down on one knee ...

... Asked me to be his wife and offered me his mother's ring.

Of course I said Yes!

Just like that, Boracay became even more magical.

Side Story: The Reservation
My very smart friend, Lhen, was tag teaming with Brian in coming up with the proposal arrangement since she was in the Philippines and B was coordinating from NY. Lhen was the person talking to the team of Asya Premier.

At one point, she realized that she needed to emphasize to the staff that it's a SURPRISE proposal and her biggest fear was one staff member slipping the phrase, "Oh, the proposal reservation!" So, Lhen being the PR manager that she is, sent a mass email to the Asya Premier Team with the subject line: Internal Code: THE RESERVATION, to make sure nobody ruins the proposal.

The plan was flawlessly executed. Thank you to my now Maid of Honor, Lhen Hasal and the wonderful team of Asya Premier, Boracay!

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