Thursday, February 5, 2015

Back to Black

I've always worn my hair either light brown, dark brown or copper-ish brown but never in black. Well, not in a long time. My hair is actually dark, dark brown, almost black but since I've become vain discovered beauty salons, stylists have told me that I should keep my hair light so my small face would pop up more and not drown from my dark, thick hair. Being the experts, I always listened to them.

B never liked my light colored hair and have always felt that black would suit me more even if he's never seen me that way. So, since my previous color was half-way down my hair, I gave in to his preference and tried something new.

I found this L'Oreal Feria box at CVS and thought how awesome it would be if I used it and my hair color ended up looking exactly like that mane of the model on the box. Having been in advertising for a decade, I was a little skeptical.

Before: Light brow haired Miles

After: Miles with jet black hair with blue reflects.

I was pretty impressed with the results! My hair came out super black and shiny, much like the hair of the model on the box  (but a little less blue)! What do you think? Do you prefer my brown or black hair?

I love it right now but I am not too sure if I want to keep it this color for the wedding. Oh well, I have 6 months to decide!
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