Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Beautiful DIY Personalized Wedding Invites & Website

Being the creative person that I am, I knew that I would definitely be a hands-on-bride and a lot of the elements of our wedding would be DIY. It’s not only more affordable to do so, but, it allows our guests to get to know us more as a couple, versus other cookie cutter weddings.

Have you attended weddings where you felt that you’re just there for a party? Meaning, you either know the groom or the bride but never them as a couple? Surely, you’ve attended weddings of close friends and know their entire love story but I’m also sure that you’ve been to weddings as a spectator.

That’s a gap that I wanted to address in our wedding.

Since majority of my family and friends are from the Philippines, they have not really gotten to know Brian as much as I would have loved them to --- it really is physically impossible to do so. They’ve only met him when he proposed in the Philippines, through my endless chatter or through his emails.

So, since I wanted our guests to feel involved in our wedding, I’ve decided to implement a story-telling type of strategy to the whole event. Yes, it sounds like an entire marketing campaign but hey, I’ve been trained that way! And, it all starts with the save-the-date and the wedding website.


According to my very reliable The Knot wedding app that helps me organize, B and I were scheduled to send our Save-The-Dates last December. We actually postponed this and sent it just last January instead because for one, people get a million holiday greeting cards at that time and we didn’t want to add to the chaos.

For the design, B and I turned one of our favorite engagement shoot photos as the key visual, used the wedding monogram that I made (yes, personalization is key!) and added a few details (just a few to get people excited, I’m not a fan of heavy copy writing)

Note: The biggest reason why we worked with a professional photographer for our engagement shoot is because we wanted to use nice photos on key wedding elements like invites and website... Nothing spells class more than great images! I would highly recommend Brave Hearts Photography!

Our wedding monogram has our initials, M& B and the design is inspired by a knot (cuz we’re tying the knot ---- I know, it’s quite obvious!) We used Vistaprint for the printing and chose a matte finish for it. I love matte on photos because the shiny one (in my opinion) makes it look too tacky.

I’ve already made our design waaaay in advance and was just waiting for Vistaprint’s Black Friday sale to print it. Why? Because it’s 50% off. Yup, I am a practical bride!

Our Save-The-Date is 9 x 6 which is pretty big, but, we needed to factor in the reality that people were receiving cards left and right and ours need to stand out from the pile!

I was very, very happy with the finished product and would recommend Vistaprint for printing of invitations. Not only are you able to create your own designs but, they also have a million of beautiful templates to select from! Additionally, they give out coupons all the time, so, keep your eyes peeled for those... PRO TIP: Contact their customer service to ask if they have any upcoming promos!

Wedding Website

I am a Digital Marketing Director and as predicted, I would pour my heart and soul on our wedding website -- From design to copy.

Prior to selecting a partner for our website, I’ve done my research and decided that Square Space offered the best responsive, stylish and modern templates. While I am a in digital marketing, I am by no means a programmer so doing the back-end work on the website will drive me nuts. However, Square Space made it so easy---no programming degree required.

Creating a website is hard work and that’s probably why a lot of couples skip this part. But, remember, my objective is to bridge the gap and make sure that our guests know more about us as a couple before attending our wedding---so they will have a better understanding of what the celebration is all about and, having a website takes care of this.

The concept of story-telling is evident on our website!

PLUS, it also minimizes the cost of printing too much paper for your formal invite (less paper, less cost both for printing and postage!) All you have to do is direct your guests to your official wedding website for more information about the location, accommodations, travel, dress code etc. AND, they can even opt to RSVP digitally. Isn’t that convenient?

So far, we've gotten a lot of compliments from our guests about the Save-The-Date and the website and have told us that they loved getting involved in our little love story and knowing more about how we met and the proposal! This means that the story-telling strategy is working!

I've been enjoying every process of the wedding planning. It has allowed me to unleash my creative side while planning one of the biggest events of our lives. Are you a DIY bride as well? Share me your creative outputs!

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