Thursday, February 12, 2015

Why I Added A Photo On Our Wedding Email Address

So, I have finally uploaded a photo on our wedding email address.

Yes, we have a wedding email address and it's the first thing that I made before we started contacting potential partners. It's my little way of making sure that all wedding-related correspondences go to one single inbox instead of getting jumbled in our already chaotic personal ones. It makes our digital lives a little less cluttered.

Anyway, yes, I've uploaded an image and it's an important step that I've missed. Why?

You see, I'm a heavy-duty email person. I like having email discussions with potential partners for maybe 2-3 weeks before even picking up the phone or setting up a physical meeting with them. Email is my choice media and I think I express myself better in the written language.

Not everyone has a photo on their email addresses and I frankly couldn't care less but I have come to realize its important especially with wedding related emails between myself and people who have no idea who I am.

You see, Miles is a non-traditional name for a woman and there have been a lot of times when this kind of conversation happens when we finally meet a partner/vendor in person or over Skype:

Vendor: Oh my goodness, Miles is a woman!

Yup, since I correspond with a lot of our partners over email, they're always disappointed surprised to find out that they will be part of a man-woman wedding instead of a man-man union.

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