Monday, April 20, 2015

Best NY Rooftop Bar: Ides At Wythe Hotel, Brooklyn

"I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 32...."

Yes, as corny as it sounds, I borrowed Taylor Swift's song as the national anthem to welcome my 32nd year on Earth.... I even went as far as making it my official birthday hashtag which obviously did not trend... It's a full 140 characters for Twitter alone....


This year's celebration is very significant because it's my last birthday as Ms. Montecillo. In a little more than 3 months, I will officially take on the name Mrs. Bonanno  --- For those of you who are aware of NY mob families (read this), no, B is not connected with them. However, I still find it cool that I'll be taking on a gangster of a name (literally).

To celebrate the start of a new year, B took my to my favorite bar in Brooklyn, Ides at The Wythe Hotel. We were blessed with the year's first warm weather, making the day perfect for a rooftop bar.

This is how the space looks like from the inside.

A magnificent view of the NY skyline welcomes you soon as you enter the bar.
Photo Credit: Archinect

We got the best seats in the house!

While it's probably the most perfect rooftop bar there is in Brooklyn, I love hanging out inside since it offers an amazing view of the NY skyline.

The outdoor is equally awesome too:

Ides Rooftop Bar
Photo Credit: Ides Instagram
Every time I have friends visiting NY, I always take them at Ides because it never fails to make an impact. Seeing the world famous skyline over a couple of good liquor and wine is one of the best experiences any NY first timer can ever have.

This is how the Wythe Hotel looks like from the outside

Cheers to 32 years and my last birthday as Ms. Montecillo!

So if you're planning a trip to NY, make sure to stop by Brooklyn and check out the Ides Bar --- The best rooftop bar in NY and no, they did not pay me to make this!

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