Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Knot & Invisalign: The Ultimate Bridal Makeover featuring... ME! (Surprise!)

I've blogged a sneak preview of this a couple of weeks back but now, cat's out of the bag! I am very, very lucky to have been selected by The Knot (the best bridal website & magazine, EVER) and Invisalign for a pre-wedding makeover!!

My smile is something that I've always been conscious about and ever since I discovered that I look like I don't have my two front teeth under certain lighting, I've made it a point to smile without showing teeth in every.single.photograph. Thank goodness Victoria Beckham made it popular, making little 'ol me trendy. Read more about my insecurity here.

I've always thought about wearing braces, especially after I got engaged to B (because you know, I'd like to be able to really express my happiness through our wedding photos!) However, having been blessed with the Asian gene of looking younger than I really am, I feel that if I had metals in my mouth, I would look like a teenager---not exactly ideal for my corporate job.

So, as I was browsing through The Knot as while doing research/preparations for our wedding, I found their blog post about looking for brides for an ultimate pre-wedding makeover. I got so excited and I wrote to them immediately! And then the universe conspired to make this happen.

Thank you, Annie & Keleigh from The Knot, Invisalign, Dr. Denise Emma, Eva Scrivo, Donna Morgan NYC, you guys absolutely made my dream come true! Click here to read the full article.

Watch the video here:

Thanks to Invisalign, I will be able to give a full smile on my wedding day!
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