Friday, July 17, 2015

Invisalign Update! My Smile Is ALMOST Wedding Ready.

I can't believe it has already been months since I've started my Bridal Invisalign journey! The progress has been amazing, in a short amount of time, my teeth have aligned and is almost wedding ready.

The photo on the left is an image of my first Invisalign tray. Notice how my front teeth are so inward pointing? The photo on the left is the current tray that I am wearing --- the last tray before B and I exchange "I do's!" See how perfect they are? One word: Amazing. 

Ok, I know it's one thing to show you photos of the tray and another to show actual progress photos, so, here you go. Check out the photo below. The leftmost photo is taken pre-Invisalign, the middle, on my 5th tray and the rightmost one, was taken last 4th of July! See the difference? YES. My smile is almost wedding ready!

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