Saturday, February 20, 2016

Drugstore Digs: Purple lipstick without looking like I made out with Barney

So I have seen a lot of ladies in fashion rocking the purple lipstick. I've always wanted to try it but am too scared that I'll end up looking like I just made out with Barney (... that's the purple dinosaur for those who are waaay younger than me!)

Although, when I saw this wonderful Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid ad, I rushed to the closest drugstore to grab myself the purple tube, I mean look at how gorgeous the colors are!

Plus, if it doesn't suit me, I would have only wasted $8+ which isn't so bad. Soon as I got to Duane Reade near my office, they were all sold out. Fine. I'll buy it at the Walgreens near home. Got there, all sold out as well. I wasn't going to give up easily so I drove to another Duane Reade only to find out that they're all out of stock. Seems like everyone else and their mothers had the same idea as me. So, I decided to drive another 5 minutes to the CVS near town and lo and behold, I found the single, last tube --- it kinda felt like winning at that point. Wow. That ad must have earned millions for L'Oreal!

I must admit, I got a little nervous when I saw how Barney purple the tube is, so, I decided to buy another purplish Maybelline lipstick just to compare and got the Color Sensational Vivid Lipstick in Brazen Berry (905).

Note: No filters or camera flash were used on the photos to stay true to the color. Please excuse the blemishes as I try to give a very honest review!

Part of the reason why I'm nervous about trying purple is because of my skin tone. The Maybellne Vivid Matte in Vivid Violet (left) looks so bold on my skin while the Color Sensational Vivid in Brazen Berry (right) looks more forgiving.

Maybelline Color Sensational - Brazen Berry (905)

This is such a well moisturized lipstick and it glides so well on my chappy lips (forgive me, it has been a rough winter week in NY!)

While the color looks a lot bolder on my arm, on my lips, it appears lighter and that's probably because I naturally have dark lips. It actually looks a little more pinkish than purple on me.

Please excuse my static hair.... 

Overall, I love this lipstick, it's the safe choice for those who want to take baby steps before plunging into the deep purple hue!

Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid in Vivid Violet

This lipstick is actually pretty amazing. Prior to purchasing it, I was already wondering how a liquid lipstick can promise a matte look? It just does not make sense. Seeing is believing -- look how matte it appears on my lips! 

The only downside is that I had to swipe approximately 3 times to get the bold color to pop on my lips. If I use this every day (which I probably will for the next few weeks) I might quickly finish the entire tube, but, for the price point? It's worth it. 

It took a while for me to get the hang of wearing violet on my lips --- I'm usually a red and pink kind of girl and this color makes me feel a little bit goth, like Lorde! 

Though, after a few minutes of rocking it, I'm totally loving it. 

What do you think of my two purple lipsticks? Which one would you select for me? 

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