Thursday, February 18, 2016

"George Lake"

Early 2015 was when I first heard about Lake George. That was around the time when my husband (then financé) and I were slowly getting into hiking as a new-found hobby. See, from where I come from, all lakes are named [Insert name] Lake and my brain has been trained to think that way too (for the last 30 years). So, naturally, when I brought up the idea of going to "George Lake" to my husband, he laughed hysterically, while shaking his head at who he lovingly calls, his foreign girl.

"It's Lake George," he corrected.

Potato, Potahto.

Unavoidably, it has since become an inside joke between us and till this day, I would still slip and call it "George Lake," you know, like, Ricki Lake.

So last Memorial Day Weekend, we made the 4-hour drive to Lake George. It was a little getaway for us since the week before that was a really stressful one. While the town seems to cater more to families, there were a lot of activities to do for couples like us. There are a lot of nice restaurants, a cozy wine tasting place called Adirondack Winery and, more importantly, check out the view.

It was a great escape from the stressful city life. We spent the first day of our trip just eating good food, hanging by the benches and taking in the wonderful scenery --- a slow, relaxing day so we can reserve our energy for the Prospect Mountain hike the following day.

Prospect Mountain

Prior to this hike, we watched Reese Witherspoon's movie "Hike" and when I saw this little box where we're asked to log in our personal details in case we get lost, I felt legit. Like I've earned a badge of credibility for logging in my information.

Little did I know that "boxes" like that were only available for REAL hiking trails (not the 30-minute kind that we've been doing... No wonder I have not seen many of it). I guess I found out the hard way.

The path was slippery, the terrain was at times tough and I thank God we had a big breakfast prior to it. Mid way to the hike, Brian asked,

"Hey, are you ok? Do you want to turn back now?"

I was surprised he asked that because I was actually having fun despite the difficulties. So I responded, "Why'd you ask? I am having fun, and, we've been hiking for almost 40 minutes now, there's no way we're going to not finish it!"

"Are you really having fun because you sure look like you're not," he retorted.

Ok, so I have RBF. My facial reactions do not necessarily match my feelings within.
And oh, I also found out that the reason why those pathways are not marked with XX miles to go until the summit is... Well, because they do not want to discourage you.

After 1 hour and 30 minutes of hiking, we reached the summit and were rewarded with this amazing view.

A minute after enjoying the view, we realized that right below the summit is a parking lot and we could have just driven and hiked for some good 5 minutes to get to the summit. We were so prepared to get an Uber Chopper at that time if we could.

We did, however try to hitchhike by dropping people hints such as, "Wow, we trekked all the way up here for almost 2 hours and didn't realize that we could have used our car! So tired..." while wiping away fresh sweat beads from our foreheads. Nope. Didn't work.

SO, we trekked all the way back down. Along the way, we passed by many newbie hikers like us and they kept asking, "How long until we reach the summit?" B thought I'd make a great shining example of hope and inspiration and continually echoed "You're almost there! Don't worry, if she can make it, so can you!" to those who ask how far ahead they were.

Thanks, B!

Overall, it was a wonderful weekend getaway. What I really love about NY is that I get the best of both concrete and natural jungles. We will most definitely come back to "George Lake" but next time, perhaps with a kid in tow.

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