Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A Creative Way of Monitoring Your Baby's Growth

My husband came home from work one day with a gigantic bear - the infamous Costco Bear! I was more delighted to see it than my then 2-month old Mikey to be honest. However, my husband thought he was being pranked by his colleagues when he found it sitting in his office when he got back from his paternity leave.

"I mean, where will we put that?"

Well, it can double as his couch?!

He is right ...and wrong. It does take up a lot of space but it's the cutest thing ever! There's a (very cute) reason why people are clamoring for it at Costco and thankfully, we already live in our own house and not in our old one bedroom apartment when it was given to us because that would have been a big problem (pun intended).

At first, we were not sure what to do with it because after a while, the cuteness subsides and you're left with a big stuffed toy that takes up real estate.

"Use it as a measuring stick to monitor Mikey's growth every month!" was the suggestion made by my husband's co-worker.

Absolutely brilliant.

So, now, we look forward to monitoring Mikey's progress every month with the help of the big bear.

Mikey @ 1 Month

Mikey @ 2 months
Mikey @ 3 months

I am thinking we can keep doing this until he is 30! We do not have a name for this big bear yet. Any suggestions?
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