Thursday, December 29, 2016

Baby's First Christmas

It has been a wonderful, wonderful holiday weekend. We celebrated many milestones the last couple of days - Mikey's first Christmas as well as hosting the celebration at our first home with my mom and dad. My parents live in the Philippines so I only get to spend time with them every end of the year - they're somewhat like Santa Claus, gifting us with their presence once a year.

I've been preparing for Christmas for months, especially since it will be Mikey's first. The toughest part was probably deciding what to gifts to give him since he is 3.5 months old and there's really nothing in particular that he wants (except for mommy's hugs and kisses - I'd like to believe). Though, on the other hand, I am somewhat thankful he is not old enough to beg Santa for Hatchimal, otherwise, mommy and daddy would have camped out or paid for triple the price just to see our child happy come Christmas morning.

Our smiley, little reindeer!

I usually love giving thoughtful gifts to make the recipient feel special. In Mikey's case, I only know a few things:

1. He likes milk. A lot.
2. He loves bath time.
3. Sleeping is his favorite hobby.
4. He loves staring at lights.

I've thought about giving him a new lamp for Christmas and I guarantee you he will smile and coo at it/me since it's his favorite thing in the planet. I mean, just look at how he stares at our ceiling lights. 

Every woman would love to be looked at the same way Mikey looks at lights.

Then again, what kind of a mom would I be if I gave a lamp to my firstborn on his first Christmas?

I thought about this wonderful idea of collecting 1-3 great bottles of wine for him every year and then turning over the collection to him once he is 21, but, my husband felt that we're advocating alcoholism. Good point.

So, what I did was research on a couple of infant toys that lights up, and got him a few. His favorite so far is Fisher-Price's Soothe and Glow Seahorse. It's a plush toy that plays soothing lullaby as it projects a soft glow. It's actually perfect for my little waterbaby since he absolutely loves the water and bath time is his favorite thing!

He loves it so much, he wants to eat it up.

Also, as a kid, my favorite Disney movie was the Lion King and always, always brought my Simba doll wherever I went - from short road trips to long haul flights. I remember purchasing it at Disney World in 1995. I hugged every Simba doll they had in the store and picked out the one that felt best.

As a sentimental gift, I got Mikey his very own Simba doll as a way of sharing with him a part of my own childhood. I look forward to the day that we will watch the Lion King together.

Simba protecting Mikey as he sleeps - and yes, that is his favorite sleep position!

What did you give your baby this Christmas?

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