Wednesday, December 21, 2016

My Tried and Tested Digital #Momhacks To Save You Money!

Everyone knows that having a baby is expensive. The diapers, formula, gear, clothes, creams, they all add up. 

Even before Mikey came along, I was already a coupon lady who gets a kick out of buying everything at a discounted price (I actually feel really sad if I have to hit that buy button without adding a code) And now that we have Mikey, I have completed my transformation to a super frugal mom, motivated by mounting bills and our sparkly, new mortgage.

My goal of saving a few dollars led me to discover the fabulous world of buying second hand items and swapping things with other fabulously frugal moms.

I have fallen in love with the following:

1. LetGo App - I first found out about this through Google. I thought that since babies grow so fast, most second hand items must be in great or barely used condition. I have purchased a glider and a 4moms Mamaroo at 50% off using this app and the conditions of those items did not disappoint.

What I love about the LetGo app is that you can set location filters to show only items that are within your location's reach. I have filtered mine to 10 miles from my home because that's how far I will go for a great deal. Plus, the app is integrated to Facebook so you can run a quick background check on the seller for security.

2. Facebook Marketplace - Formulas are expensive and Mikey finishes a whole can of Gerber Good Start Gentle in just one week. The regular sized, 23.2 oz can costs around $27 - $30, depending on which store you purchase it from. One day, I was looking at the marketplace and thought, "Hey, maybe I should check out if other moms are selling Mikey's formula for a good deal" and BOOM. A couple of moms did and I was able to purchase 3, 27.8oz canisters for $20 each, which is a great deal, right? Again, like LetGo, the beauty of this app is that you can filter out the location of items you want to purchase/search and, you can even chat and do a quick background search on the seller before making any commitments. 

3. Nassau County Children's Buy And Sell - I love this Facebook group composed of 10K moms within Nassau County. They sell everything from handmade items to second hand goodies for children. I was able to buy the "it" gear for babies, The Halo Bassinest for $150, originally priced at $250, plus, the seller gave me all the accessories! Mikey ended up hating this trendy bassinet so it was never used, which I think is a big reason why a lot of these moms end up selling their relatively new baby gear in the first place - either their kids hated it or grew out of it quickly. I didn't sell it back because my husband and I still plan to have one more kid in the future who can potentially love the bassinest. Maybe after the second child, I will end up selling it for a few $$$.

4. Honey App - This app that you attach to your browser (Chrome, Safari, Explorer) and, it automatically searches for coupons and deals when you checkout of any website that you are purchasing from. I have saved anywhere from $1 - $40 to free shipping from retailers like Macy's, Kohls, Target, Carters and many more retailers thanks to this nifty, heaven sent app. All you need to do is download it and run it on your browser and voila, it will automatically search for coupons, add it to your checkout page and voila, extra bucks for you!

Do you have more #momhacks to add to the list? I would LOVE to know!
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