Monday, January 2, 2017

Baby's First Cold

My husband came home with it, my nephew had it and my mother caught it. And unfortunately, the chain of virus reached Mikey's still developing immune system. It was inevitable.

It's winter here in NY and the season comes with a bag full of viruses. No wonder it's called "colds," since it's more prevalent in the cold season!

My poor, sick child.

As a new mom that lacks experience, every single sneeze and cough sends my heart into panic. The first time Mikey sneezed blood out of his nose, I immediately called our pediatrician and was told not to be alarmed since a tiny bit of blood is common because nerves in the nose are very sensitive. Since Mikey is still eating well, not fussy and is still producing a good amount of wet and soiled diapers, he is fine.

I really am surprised at how he can still remain as the happy baby that he is despite his sickness. In fact, he was able to murmur his first word while sick - yes, this counts. He is a very, very talkative baby and we love encouraging this at home!

Mikey's First Hello from Miles Bonanno on Vimeo.

While there really isn't anything that I can give him to improve how he is feeling, we did a few things to help him breathe better. 

A Warm Bath

My mom is not for this because she believes that if he gets cold, he will catch other things. Though I did call our doctor before I gave Mikey a dip in the tub and gave me the go signal to do it. The steam actually helps clear his nasal passage and plus, Mikey loves bathtime and, his best sleep/naps come right after a calming bath - we all know how important sleeping is in repairing the body! So, despite the coughing and colds, we still regularly bathe him.

Saline Solution

Our doctor told us that there really is no difference between an adult saline solution and an baby's formulation. It really is just packaging. Though, for my own peace of mind, I purchased the one with a baby label on it because, I just want to be very, very safe. 

Mucus gets dry over time, making it hard and tough to clean out of Mikey's tiny nose. So, before bed time, I tilt Mikey's head a bit and squeeze out a few drops of the solution in his nose. After a few minutes, I suck out all the mucus with a ...

Bulb Syringe

No matter how advanced we get with baby gadgets and gear, this classic suction wand will never go out of style. My grandmother trusted it and so did my mother. We received this trusty thing at the hospital where Mikey was born and it has been a miracle worker. Mikey does not like this. It doesn't look comfortable anyway, but it gets the job done.

What needs to be done is press the bulb first so all the air from it will be pushed out, then, put 1/4 of it inside the baby's nose. And, while holding down the other nose hole with a finger, gently release bulb and voila, mucus spaghetti! It feels great to actually pull out a lot of mucus with the device because you know that your child will immediately feel better after!


Dry air is the enemy and, a great way in fighting nasal congestion and coughing in babies is to put moisture back in the air - which is what a humidifier does. We leave ours on at night to keep Mikey's nasal clear so he will sleep undisturbed.

Though, you need to be careful with these babies since they accumulate bacteria and mold primarily because water is used on them. So, always clean after use and check the box for instructions.

We are still fighting our baby's first colds and while this is not a milestone that I was looking for, the good news is that once your baby's body recovers from this, it will respond better and faster the next time a virus hits it because it has learned to cope with it.

Have you experienced your first colds with your child? Any tips and tricks you can add to the list?

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