Thursday, January 5, 2017

Mommy Resolution 2: Making Peace With My Post-Pregnancy Body

This is a tough one. Ever since I saw tiny, purple lines streaking out of my belly like spiderwebs, I knew I was destined to have stretch marks after giving birth.

In fact, I knew all along that it was going to happen. It's not because I was not religiously massaging myself with cream like every other article tells you to. It's because of my genetic makeup. When I was younger, I went on a sudden growth spurt and was left with silvery, faint lines as mementos - I am predisposed to acquiring stretch marks should my skin expand at a rapid speed. It is just the way it is. And honestly, do not believe skincare product claims that they can magically make your stretch marks disappear. It is false advertising. Believe me, I once worked as a Digital Director for a Plastic Surgeon who developed a scar treatment product and what I love most about him is his honesty with his claims. He was strict with advertising his product and he made sure that all ads should reflect the fact that it can make the appearance of marks look better but can't get rid of it because there is no product out there in the market (yet) that can make those nasty marks disappear. They may fade it, but with the caveat that "individual results may vary" and that variation is largely dependent on how your body heals.

I love this little man

In my case, it does not respond well. 4 months after giving birth, my stretch marks are slowly looking better. What were once purple and red in color are now fading to white-ish lines, and no, I do not put stretch marks cream on it, only the same old, moisturizing lotion.

The stretch marks that I hate in all it's unfiltered glory

I hate my stretch marks. I really do. And unfortunately, the "mommy stripes badge" does not work for me. Although, this does not mean I do not love my body or dislike being a mom, it just means that I accept the fact that there are parts of my outer layer that I dislike. However, I have come to accept that they are now part of me.

Part 2 of my mommy resolution is to make peace with my body. Knowing that I can't get rid of the nasty marks, I figured the next best thing is to make my stomach a little more toned and healthy looking by working out and possibly eating healthier - something I've been wanting to achieve and never really got to doing it. I will channel my hate for my stretch marks to motivation in reaching my body goals.

They may be permanent marks on my body, but that's not stopping me from doing something to make me hate it less.

This is my way of making peace with my post-pregnancy body.
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