Monday, January 30, 2017

My Crime Of Fashion

Babies grow up way too fast! I especially love dressing Mikey up in the cutest onesies and fashionable outfits. This weekend, I have come to realize that I probably bought more than I should have for a particular phase. Especially dressy outfits - he does not need as much as he has because we don't really go out so much since it's currently freezing in NY.

Mikey is currently growing like a weed. Stronger, unstoppable and bigger every day. He is currently 4 months and 4 weeks young and size wise, wears outfits for 6-9 month old babies. Obviously, he did not get his size from yours truly (I like to call myself "fun-sized").

So, to maximize justify the investment cost that I have put in buying the cutest, tiniest outfits, I now make him wear them even if he's not going anywhere. Yesterday, he was lounging around his crib and rocker donned in his overalls. A few hours later, he was wearing the most stylish, fluffiest Carters cardigan.

Now, since I have an awesome Canon camera, what I plan to do is capture him wearing the outfits so I can remember how he looked like in them before he outgrows the clothes. So, these are the outtakes of yesterday's photoshoot.

Are you guilty of the same crime of fashion? Did you do the same thing?

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