Sunday, February 12, 2017

Creating Healthy Puréed Avocado Using The Baby Bullet System

Baby's first solid food was a milestone that I was looking forward to. I love to cook and even before Mikey was born, I knew that I will be dedicated in making homemade puréed meals for him. So, one of the items that I listed in my Baby Registry was a Baby Bullet food processor.

The Baby Bullet System comes with a blender, a big batch bowl,  a short cup (for small portions of meals) 6 dial-cups (food containers), batch tray for freezing meals, spatula, a nutrition book and a cook book

People told me that I should feed my child vegetables first before fruits because he may quickly develop a preference for sweet fruits over vegetables. While there is no scientific evidence to support the theory, it made complete sense to me.

However, I wanted to make his first solid food experience as memorable as possible and I felt that the best compromise was to purée an avocado - a fruit but not as sweet as other fruits. The great thing about the Baby Bullet is that it also comes with a little cook book of meals that you can make for your baby at each stage. Most of the recipes in it say that you will need to mix water with the fruits/vegetables before processing. Since I still want Mikey to take as much formula as he can, because it will still be his main source of nutrients, I plan to use his favorite, Gerber Good Start instead in all my homemade puréed meals.

Avocado Purée Recipe

Ingredients for this recipe:

  • Baby Bullet System
  • 1 Avocado
  • 1/4 cup breastmilk/formula

1. Slice the avocado and remove the pit. Place chunks of avocado inside the baby bullet and pour 1/4 cup formula/breastmilk. You can add or reduce liquid depending on the consistency that you desire. I like my purée semi-creamy but not too liquid-y because I want Mikey to be able to distinguish what is solid and what is liquid... Also, if it's too runny, you will end up with a big mess because liquid + baby spoon + wriggly baby do not mix well. 

Avocado + 1/4 cup formula
2. Blend mixture for 10 seconds. If you do not achieve the level of smoothness you desire, blend a little more using the pulsing method and/or add liquid. Important to note: Do not use the Baby Bullet for more than a minute straight as it may cause permanent damage to the machine. 

3. Voila! Smooth, creamy avocado purée in just minutes! I puréed 3 avocados and stocked up to save time during the work week. One avocado fits in 3 Baby Bullet dial-up containers. Mikey can finish one Baby Bullet container per meal so, for a whole day, he consumes 1 full avocado! 

What I love most about The Baby Bullet containers is that it has a dial of numbers to remind you when you made them - perfect for busy (baby-brained and forgetful) moms like myself. Puréed meals can last 3 days when refrigerated and 30 days frozen.

The best part about these containers are the dial-up numbers to remind you when you made them

The verdict?

At first he was curious.


But ended up loving it! Yay!

Our doctor told us to introduce a new fruit/vegetable every 3 days so I already made and froze puréed avocados, sweet potatoes and bananas that will last Mikey the next 2 weeks! A friend of ours gave us these amazing Oxo Tot 12-piece Baby Blocks for freezing meals. They are stackable, airtight, watertight and leak proof and I absolutely love them.

A must-have item if you plan to make homemade meals for your baby!

I am so happy that we've reached the eating solids milestone. It makes me happy to see him smile with every bite and it makes my heart flutter to see him get excited with every spoonful that touches his mouth. The only problem we encountered was his patience (or the lack of it!) because he's so used to the fast pace of drinking from a bottle, if I don't give him a bite fast enough, he will get frustrated!

How was your experience like with your child's first solid food? Any recipe you can share me?

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