Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Technology and Daycare - What?!

Today was Mikey's first day at daycare. Like every mom, parting with my child knowing that he will be under the care of heavily licensed, experienced professionals strangers is still nerve-wrecking.

Yes, they have a long list of credentials to backup their experience
Yes, they have been taking care of babies longer than I have
Yes, they will give him the best care possible

First day high!

While all these things make the thought easier to digest, it's still not easy to be away from my child wishing I can personally take care of him. It's the emotional guilt of a working mom.

So, back while I was 5 months pregnant, my husband and I were already shopping around for a possible daycare - we realized how quickly daycare spots for infants fill out because they can only take care of limited number of babies per period! That was when I first heard of Tutor Time (the East Rockaway Branch comes highly recommended by other parents who work in my husband's school - I always trust recommendations from other moms who I personally know!)

The first time I went to Tutor Time just to get a feel of it, I was already impressed. It was very, very, clean. In fact, for the infant rooms, you are required to wear disposable booties just to keep the room clean. They are also very organized, they required an entire portfolio of your child to give them a detailed overview of how the care plan should be like. And, most importantly, the teachers are very credible and have been with Tutor Time for years - the teacher caring for Mikey has been with the company for 14 years!

What I love most about Tutor Time  is  not only do they have qualified, loving teachers, but, I love how they integrated technology into their program. Parents who have their child(ren) enrolled will get access to the school's exclusive app where they are given updates (every hour or so) of what their child is doing, his moods, eating, naps, activities, bowel movements - etc. Now, I am a digital marketing professional and I always laud companies who integrate digital trends seamlessly to their offerings that will add value to their services - this is definitely a plus because it shows how much they've thought of their target audience: working parents who are away from their child, but always think about what they are doing. This is the added value that we don't mind paying the extra dollars on: peace of mind.

So, based on the appdates that I have been getting on Mikey's first day, it looks like he is happy, active and enjoying his newfound baby friends! I can't wait to see him grow with Tutor Time!

I receive push notifications every time they update Mikey's activities!

My first ever update: Mikey made a dump. Well. It's him marking his territory AND getting comfy. It's a good sign!

Love photo updates!


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