Wednesday, April 19, 2017

What would you do when you're sleepy AND hungry

At 7 months old, Mikey continues to surprise me. He has grown to become a happy baby. Rarely fussy. There are really only 2 things that make him cry:

1. When we pull him out of the water after his swim class. You read that right, swim class. My husband and I decided to enroll him in a group swim class (he is of course, accompanied by my husband) so he will grow to love the water. My husband and I are big fans of the ocean and this is something that we'd like to enjoy with our child in the future.

2. When his food is late, even for just 2 minutes. Mikey's stomach is like clock work. He knows when meal time is and begins to whimper when it's feeding time. The people at our Daycare put it best:

"Mikey is rarely upset, though, we have come to realize that the only time he really cries is when his food is late. If it's two minutes late, forget it, he will start banging on the table! We learned the hard way."

Photo proof below.

"Where is my food?"

Anyway. There was one evening when I was feeding Mikey dinner but he was so exhausted from all the daycare fun. He was sleepy and hungry. And like every adult I know, he chose to do both. Watch this video, I swear it's worth your 1 minute.

Sleepy but hungry from Miles Bonanno on Vimeo.
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