Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Flying With a Lap Child? Here Are A Few Tips

This year, we went cross-country from NY to SFO with our then 11-month old. It was a test flight to see how Mikey would be like in an airplane for 6 straight hours because next year, we plan to finally make that big (18-hour!) trip to the Philippines so Mikey can meet his 2 great grandmothers.

I can barely keep him moving for 5 minutes. How can we survive 6 hours... Let alone 18 hours?

Well, we did. In fact, we took 3 plan rides and numerous car rides as we went across California (SFO-Napa-Monterey/Carmel-Santa Barbara-Long Beach and back to SFO-NY.

And we survived to tell the tale. 

To be perfectly candid, it was not easy (surprise!) While Mikey is a relatively happy, easygoing kid, the fact of the matter is that he's a toddler and with the amount of energy that these little people can pack in their tiny frame, sitting down was never going to happen. So here are a few tips that I picked up along the way.

Oh the places you will go... If mommy does not swear off traveling with you until you're 30.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

When You're Working and You Jam Comes On

My active toddler's new obsession is playing grocery with our kitchen cabinets. He loves stacking cans, taking them out of the cabinet and putting them back in. At first, I was so scared because he might end up hurting himself either by dropping a can on his foot/head/anywhere. I had to remind myself of my vow not to coddle him too much because he needs to learn.

The other night, as he was playing his new favorite game, I captured it on film because it was just too cute – and I am glad I did because what happened next was awesome. Enjoy!

When Your Jam Comes On from Miles Bonanno on Vimeo.
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