Tuesday, January 9, 2018

No, Your Ad Creative Is Not The Most Important Asset

I know that my blog focuses mostly on parenting and other personal stories, but, now that I'm a work-from-home mom, I'd like to also share my other passion: digital advertising.

I have been running Facebook campaigns for 3 years now for all sorts of companies–retail, real estate, hospitality, fashion, food–and for all budget sizes, from $30 to $1,000 per day. Throughout my career, I've made mistakes, discoveries and success along the way that can help brands generate big revenues in the e-commerce space.

1. Your ad creative is not as important as you think it is

I am not saying that you should neglect this. A catchy creative still plays a role in the overall marketing strategy, however, an award-winning, advertising creative is pretty useless if it's not served to the right audience.

Having said that....

2. Targeting is EVERYTHING

I've worked with a bootstrapped brand at the very beginning of its life cycle. With a tight budget, we had no choice but to utilize amateur photographs which we converted to Facebook ads. To our surprise, they actually converted sales.

How did this happen?

If there's one thing that we aced, it is knowing who our target audience is. We were very specific on the location, the gender, the income group, the online behavior and the work industries of the people that we wanted to serve our ads to.

Facebook advertising only works if you know who your audience is. The biggest (and costliest) mistake you can make on Facebook is to assume that everyone on the platform is a customer.

3. ALWAYS complement your general ads with retargeting
It is rare for people to see an ad for a brand on Facebook and immediately make a purchase on the first visit. This is especially for new brands that have yet to establish brand equity and credibility.

People need to be reminded of their interest in what you are offering. That's exactly what Facebook's Product Catalog campaigns do (also knowns as retargeting in marketing slang). Have you ever gone to a website and when you log on to Facebook, you are immediately served an ad with the image of the product you viewed or added to your cart? Yes, pretty sure you have and I am also sure that you've purchased because of it.

Retargeting is one of the most powerful tactics that you can implement on Facebook and, the bonus is that it's 50% more affordable than general ads because of the principle that it's cheaper to re-engage an already engaged potential customer than to acquire a new one.

So never, ever run any form of Facebook advertising campaign without a remarketing initiative to supplement it.

4. Don't Set and Forget

Once you have a well-oiled machine that produces a good amount of sales, don't stop there. It's easy to set and forget campaigns assuming that they've transformed to become the gift that keeps giving but, with regular monitoring and optimizing, you can scale your ads to generate even greater revenue.

Check out who responds to your ads best, the time people see and engage with your ads most, the location, the day, check everything that you can and put the majority of your investment on these audiences to generate greater returns.

Facebook's breakdown feature allows you to view the age, gender, location, time and many more of people who have converted on your site so you can optimize to serve your ads accordingly. 

5. Custom Audiences

This free feature on Facebook is absolutely the most powerful marketing tool that I've ever used. Once you have a good email list of customers (ideally 500-1,000) who have purchased from your site, I encourage you to upload that list and create a lookalike audience with it.

Facebook will use its powerful algorithms to search and match for audiences similar to your source audience (the list you uploaded) that you can use to advertise. The platform matches your audiences with people of similar demographics, behaviors. In essence, Facebook is taking away the guesswork for you. 

In ALL my campaigns, I take advantage of the lookalike audience and I've never failed in generating positive ROI for my clients.

From a list of 500, Facebook was able to multiply my seed audience to generate a lookalike audience of over 2M! 

If you're looking for help in finally cracking the marketing code on Facebook to grow your e-commerce shop, I can be of assistance. You can email me here.

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